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How People will Know what you market

How Do You Let People Know About Your Company Through

We serve the Diaspora Community

Thousands of people see your information every day

Many Ways!
  • We send monthly newsletters out to thousands of people all across United States (diaspora business owners, diaspora community leaders, and diaspora families).
  • We have high rankings in the search engines so people can find us in an easy way.
  • We are visited by over 300+ people each day in America alone.
  • Diaspora community WhatsApp groups and other companies tell people about our websites. 
  • Many entities and people link to us – Diaspora newspapers, and News Outlets both at home and abroad etc.
  • We post hundreds of helpful messages to diaspora audience in Diaspora Newspapers, WhatsApp Groups and Facebook Groups every month.
  • Diaspora community members call us, with questions on Immigration and to help them find Providers and Marketers at home and abroad.  It’s a free service we provide to support diaspora community.
  • By having a lot of information that benefit diaspora community and facilitating diaspora forums.
  • And much more…

P.S You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get known by Diaspora Community but you NEED to get listed Here.

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