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Loss is a topic that many shy away from for fear of saying the wrong thing. Some are oblivious to the impact loss causes, while others pretend it doesn’t exist or choose to ignore it completely. In the face of these challenges and realities, many entities that are in a good position to provide guidance have done little to equip people to know how to handle life after loss. In LIFE AFTER LOSS: YOU CAN HEAL YOUR WOUNDED HEART, Joe goes beyond the human pain that accompanies loss and shares great resources that are vital in the process of healing and recovery. Joe lost his brother, who fell victim to a criminal gang. That loss impacted Joe greatly. His struggles with the loss is what prompted him to put together this helpful resource to help others build resilience, overcome grief and experience healing for their wounded hearts. In this book, Joe digs deep from his own experience and shares the support he found that helped him to transition from a victim to a survivor . . there is hope in the midst of grief and sorrow as Joe demonstrate powerfully in this book. He has experienced grief and sorrow, and, in this book, he responds to the questions many of us have, and are looking for answers. He says, “These resources are meant to help those who are struggling in finding healing for their wounded heart. As I share with you am a perfect example of what these resources are meant to do in providing healing and restoration. If you glean through them and make a point of applying what you learn, you will find strength to continue with the journey of life. You will transition from being a victim to becoming a survivor.” In life after Loss Joe also includes resources for families struggling with PTSD related stress and many of the invisible wounds impacting our men and women serving in the military.


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