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Major Grounds of Inadmissibility

Classes of InadmissibilityWaivers Available?
People with communicable diseases like tuberculosisYes
People with physical or mental disorders that
may cause harm to themselves or others
Drug abusers or addictsNo
Drug traffickersNo
People without proper vaccinationsYes
People with convictions for crimes involving moral turpitudeYes
People who have violated immigration lawsYes
People with multiple criminal convictionsYes
People likely to become dependent on
need-based government assistance

Here is something to note:

Everyone who applies to enter the U.S., no matter how long the person plans to be here or whether the person already has a green card, is checked to see whether he or she is inadmissible. But even though the word “admissibility” sounds like it applies only to someone who is outside the U.S. applying to get in, for immigration purposes, it also applies to people who are already in the U.S. applying for a different status, like permanent residency. They too must be “admissible.” The law treats them like they’re outside the U.S. asking to be let in, even though they’re already inside the United States.

(Source: legal encyclopedia)


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