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Are you thinking of writing a book?

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Are you thinking of writing a book, and you need help to get started? Or do you need an an editor, to get your manuscript ready for publishing? Get expert assistance from

Are you looking for Health & Wellness Coaching?

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Are you looking for Business coaching?

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Effective Global Training

Services offered

Books: Nuggets of Effective Leadership

Teach me how to pray

Reflections on Dominion (Devotional)

Reflections on Dominion (Journal)

Effective Ministry Worker training manual

Personal Development Classes:

Discover mastermind class

This is a 5 weeks class on personal growth and development that will equip you with tools to help you discover your hidden potential, activate your dormant potential, maximize your full potential and help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you are going.


Administration consultation for leaders in the church and in the marketplace to strategize, put systems in place and creating order, stability and organization to position you for the future

Team development:

 We work with the resources that you have, the manpower that you have to create a sustainable and stable working team.

For inquiry contact:

Rose Shiku

C.E.O Effective Global Training


Phone 909-281-2688

Here is a resource to help spur your spiritual growth

Are you looking to learn Spanish language?

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Are you looking for listing services?

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Are you looking for computer Repair and Website Design Services?

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For computer repair and website design services, call Izzat at 319-259-4565.

To Get Exposer For What You Are Marketing…… Check HERE


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